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 Riding your bicycle
 Holding your cell phone and bag
 Wheelchair, electric cart, holding a cane
 Carrying your child in your arms__
 Carrying baggage.
 Walking a pet.
 Useful for the vision impaired.
 Most physically handicapped people.
 Just going to work.
 Playing at the park or beach. 

 Waiting in lines all day.
 Baseball stadium or any outdoor event
 Sun umbrellas, too.
 Gardening Fishing
 Bird watching Mountain Climbing
 Taking pictures Outdoor filming




It's a flexible arm (2 colors: soft red or black) that you can attach to most any foldable umbrella, turning your conventional umbrella into a KATABRELLA.    


10.12.05 :: US and Europe distributors now being sought.

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12.12.05 :: Exclusivity being offered to distributors of .

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12.12.05 :being considered as a standard medical aid to help the physically handicapped.

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KATABRELLA is a patented trade mark and product. Resale is only granted to wholesale distributors.