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With patented design, truly anyone can benefit.
  1. The elderly or disabled.
  2. Right handed, left handed, whichever, the design is compatible for either side.
  3. Easy to use and understand.
  4. Safe, durable, flexible.
  5. Fashionable design accents most clothing and isn't noticeable at a glance.
  6. Because of its very light weight, even a 3 year old can use KATABRELLA™
  7. Not like past "hands free umbrella inventions", using belts, clamps or were just embarrassing to use.




The reason for popularity


The Dangers of Holding an Umbrella

According to 2003 street statistics, more than 13600 people, 37.2% of which were doing miscellaneous jobs, 23.6% were walking  and 13.6% were riding their bike, when killed in traffic while having to fumble with an umbrella.

In addition, the accidents, which did not result in death, surprisingly, while just walking or riding a bicycle, was approximately 1,230,000 cases. Not to mention the fear felt by millions of people when having to hold an umbrella when just walking down the street or riding a bicycle or even changing a tire, close calls are reported all over the world, which holding an umbrella in the rain causes. Also, generally, ages 0-16yrs of age who use a bicycle is approximately 22% and walk is approximately 35%. Adults including  the elderly, approximately 20% walk or ride a bicycle as means of transportation, which has been the cause of increasing deaths for the last few years AND holding an umbrella has been the contributing cause or the main cause of traffic deaths in at least 30% of pedestrian accidents in the rain.

The fact that many people don't like rain is, because they must hold an umbrella or wear a rain coat. Now that KATABRELLA™ is available, never again will you need to hold your umbrella or wear a rain coat, rain or shine.

Skin Damage Caused by UV

According to 2003 statistics, the average woman spends more than $5,000 a year just on UV protection, sun screen or skin whitening lotions or cosmetics, all to keep skin looking young after being in the cold rain or hot sun. Well, with the invention of  KATABRELLA™ there is no need to have to buy all those cosmetics or lotions anymore, since both your arms are almost 100% free, it's like not holding an umbrella at all, and KATABRELLA™ can be used with collapsible sun umbrellas, as well. Just think how much money you'll save not having to buy all those skin care products, not to mention the amount of skin damage the skin care products themselves can cause.

A Rain Coat Causes Thermoregulation Difficulty, is Cumbersome and Just Plain Tacky.

In order to prevent the dangers of walking in the rain, the majority of mothers of elementary school students or younger give their children rain coats. The main reason for the use of rain coats is so both hands can have freedom to move, BUT at what cost is that freedom. Do the body parts the rain coat covers actually not get wet? What do you do if you have to hold anything in your hands, a cell phone, books, anything.......either hide them under your raincoat, which would defeat the purpose of having both hands free or hold them in your hands and watch them get wet.

Next, thermoregulation is difficult and causes extreme temperatures inside the raincoat (hot) and outside the raincoat (cold), which has been proven to be a possible contributing factor to catching colds on cold winter days. And don't forget that rain coats are just plain tacky looking. Well, KATABRELLA™ is definitely not cumbersome like rain coats, certainly not tacky, and best of all, it actually goes well with what you wear, and the best part......both your arms are almost 100% free.

Anywhere, Anytime.

All that is needed for you to enjoy both arms free when holding an umbrella is just 1 single part, KATABRELLA. KATABRELLA  attaches to most any foldable umbrella, so you can feel free to pass KATABRELLA™ around to family members, not to mention change your umbrella each day depending on how you feel. Also, KATABRELLA is one size fits all. There is almost no one that cannot benefit from KATABRELLA. This means that anyone anywhere at anytime can have full benefit of turning their favorite foldable umbrella into a KATABRELLA.


Wind Resistant, and Can Be Used While Carrying a Child With You On Your Bicycle.

KATABRELLA™ has better wind resistance than any foldable umbrella that you can attach to it. Don't let the extremely light weight of only 220grams make you think that KATABRELLA™ would somehow fly away or fall off, that would take a hurricane. With the specially designed soft grip traction surface on the outside, would even allow children to use KATABRELLA™ all day, as well.

Feel assured that since KATABRELLA has passed vigorous wind speed tests surpassing any normal umbrella for durability and wind resistance, you can use KATABRELLA all day, everyday.

The universal design is so unique that anyone from anywhere can use KATABRELLA™.

Katabrella Guarantees To Be Safe, Durable, and Especially Kind to Your Shoulder.

The shape, material design and style, were all specially designed for any age group and any size person.



KATABRELLA  is a patented trade mark and product. Resell is only granted to wholesale distributors.